Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Learning to Paint... DIGITAL

I know its been a bit of a while, I am bouncing between my day job with monsters, different portfolio peices, and an urge to learn how to paint digitally. After a long time of all work no play, I finaly got around to playing god of war 3. Beat it fairly fast and saw the making of videos. The art work by these guys at Santa Monica Studios is amazing, Andy Park and Jung Park have some major chops. So I have dived into digital painting. If you follow my blog you may see some colored work, but that is just really a glorified coloring book on photoshop style. So I needed to step back and learn like a newb. If your like me wanting to change to digital, and want a more organic traditional feel to your digital art I cant stress checking out This site is run by a former classmate of mine whom I respect a lot and can thank enough for his vids. If you see his sight you can see I clearly bought his bw to color vids. I had drawn the line at by had and scanned in, in this image I turned off that layer to show what it will look like painted. Thanks and thank you for tuning in, catch you on the flip side.

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