Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Soldier of Viz Dev

I have not posted in a long time, and not for any good reason... I had a short run with this internship at a place that passed it self off as a legit work opportunity and realized its just a revolving door of interns... unfortunate...  Having put the last yr behind me, and just back from a comic con that was very different then my usual flow of presenting portfolio and trying to get work, i got rather inspired to come home and finish some stuff i started long ago.  U can compare this guy to a post a long time ago and the changes should be evident. I'm proud of the improvement with this guy but not yet satisfied with my over all turn out... that's not a bad thing, artists should never be satisfied, if they are their growth stops.  anyways I hope you like it and keep looking as i will be more active in art and posting more.  This yr I maybe took off comic con, but i will be presenting at ctanimation expo in Burbank later this yr.  This is pushing a move to a more kid friendly and marketable style.  I once applied to a local company that makes games for kids, but they didn't see enough color or anything kid friendly, there's not much of that in booty's and monsters stuff I was doing. Thanks for tuning in, catch u on the flip side!