Monday, May 24, 2010

This little artist just got published.... for writing!!!!

So Top Cow was kind enough to let me write a peace of added content for tracker, a CSI meets Werewolfs storyline. Even though my name has been in the Top Cow books for a few months now, having my name not under intern on having a page on what I conrtibuted is pretty cool. Ill be posting some stuff im doing to try and get in as an artist. So even though my posts arent always that regular I hope that you find it worth checking in to see whats up. Thanks for tunning in, see you on the flip side.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Top Cow Mooturns!!!

Well here it is, my long time wanted to draw sketch of Top Cows speed demond, Velocity. In my drawing i have her tryin on a pair of new shoes. She is getting her own story drawn soon (well coming out, its already been in the works for a bit) at Top Cow by the talented Kenneth Rocafort. I did my enitial sketch using a 4h pencil (thats right, the kind that needs a sharpner), and cleand it up with some microns (5 and 1, no quil or brush this is not fancy paper). Once I had the clean line art i nocked out some pencil with an erassor and toned both figure and bust with a set of prisma color cool grey markers. Once the image was toned I use prismacolor color pencils to color in velocity. Ill be sure next time to double check her costume as instead of a lightning bolt I did an arrow, woops!!! Thanks for tuning in, see you on the flip side.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Working on a whats it called? -Pro bono? anyways, check it.

Well, I have been MIA for a while now, but heres a free comission im working on for a local high school. The Banning High Pilots have graced me with the request to do their album art for their radio/podcast . This is my first set of thumbs to show, I will see what they say and take it from there. Thanks for tunning in, see you on the flip side.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Top Cow-ness contiues

So, I nabbed one of the sketchbooks from a 2006 con, and I drew on it myself. Once day this is something I will do at a con for a fan, and its all starting to happen, now all i got to do is spend endless hours getting better, honing my skills, and showing what i got, and it will start with persceptive. Thanks for tunning in, catch you on the flip side.