Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not a Sketch, but a preporation for many drawings to come

this is but part of a scan of a rahter large grid i have prepared to use in aid of many drawings to come. obviosly a 2 point perspective, this grid was done on a 23 by 35 inch paper. I have a few more key scans (parts of the grid i feel will be very helpfull for specific shots). So theres no fun sketch today, but a low res (sorry, do this work on your own) to show the behind the scenes of making an enviornment. Thanks for tuning, see you on the flip side.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy Busy but still Posting

So, heres some more Top Cow love,a sketch of Harper from Madame Mirage (a strong recomandation from yours truly) Amazing art work by Kenneth Rocafort, with a great story by Paul Dini. I think Harper is the hotter of the two, but if you know me you know my gf is a cute perky blonde. Live long and prosper, and as of the Bullet stuff, and working with the MindWave guys is looking bleek, but who knows what the future holds (whele Bullet was supposed to but yeah) Thanks for checking in and see you on the flip side.

Friday, April 23, 2010

missed a day, woops, but im back

this is a sketch of a character i proposed for the mindwave universe, the name is still to be determined as is how her role in the universe will play out. top cow is keeping me busy which is awsome, but i may not be able to post daily, however i will make the effort, so please tune in, drop a line, and thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Here is a sneak peak at bullet, a character im working on with Dave Wheeler and Samir Barret (MindWave Studios... or productions, i dont remember). Anyways, this character will make a debut in a teaser... issue zero or first look (im not sure how were doing it). We are currently doing the whole clashing creative heads, not agreaing with certain character traits, and well u get it. I hope we can resolve these issues soon so I can have a script to work from. Thanks for checking out my blog and see you'round.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Top Cowness in your face!!!!

Yowza!!!! heres is a pick of Danielle Baptiste, an ex-bearer of the witchblade. Now the angelus in the top cow universe, but sill hot!!!! I got to catch up to on my top cow bloggs, so this is it for now on my personal stuff, i hope to get more sketches done and scanned to keep posting, thanks for tuning in.

Monday, April 19, 2010

im still posting!!!!

If you where wondering where are those posts??? Well being at Anaheim Comic Con had me busy all weekend. I will be posting on the Top Cow Blog soon after this. This is a drawing a I made of Christine Dinh, our marketing person at top cow. I asked here what kind of super power she would have, and she answered techopath. So here Christine using her awsome power.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Top Cow Hot Chick in the House

Hey everyone, here is another sketch in honor of my Top Cow internship. Aphrodite IX. Talking about Top Cow, Ill be working the booth this weekend at the Anaheim Con on Saturday and Sunday. So if your in the area, and wanna see me or see Top Cow, come by our booth.
See yuh on the flip side.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A recent comission I did

Well, heres something Ive never done before. For this Illustratoin I did my orignal sketch (11x13 as per request) on a peice of copy paper, for the final product I used my lightbox to cleanly transfer it over so that there is nothing but ink on the page. This was inked only using a brush. There are a few lines where my....intent? was not matched by skill, but I do feel I am improving little by little. Thanks for tuning in.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finaly a post!!!!!

Well, what can I say, my computer (PC for all u mac users to poke fun of me with) died. Windows would not launch, so I had no choice to but reinstall windows. Lost tons of files, and well we all know the pain that it is to reinstall software and hardware and the drivers that pairs them.... Nuff of that though, Heres a in pregress illustrations im working on when I get a chance to here and there. Hope you like, Im inking it all brush, and my aim is to do most if not all my future projects this way. Ill be posting more here more frequently. Also check out the Top Cow Blog, Ive been and will be posting there as well as part of my internship.

Thanks for tuning in... to all 2 of my fallower :)