Sunday, January 18, 2009

new site on the way

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

for my fellow zombie fans

dave wheelers wonder-boy a l'ernest

A pin up of a girl i know ;)
All rights reserved to Brian Louie
I do not care who came first, black cat is way hotter than cat women!!!!
Behold fans of Strong-Bad!!! This is my super-hero take on the popular web-toon. This was done as a request by the prince of Malaysia, Rezan. I will be inking this soon.


this are a set of boards i did after righting a dumby script for the mighty-b show. in my story the kids are trying to get comics signed at the mall, their infron of the line when another line forms and the other line gets chosen. so the gang makes a plan to get their books signed.

Today is the grand opening of my blog. I'm a blogger now, how nerd-chic. Well I will be posting up past and new work ranging from sketches to finished work. Hope the bloggers like them!