Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Road to Comic Con!!!!

Well, from comic cons past, and my time at Top Cow, I learned I need to be in the art side, not a "suit" as the guys in the pit call those that are not artists, and that in the art side, I want to be a penciler, not colorist, and definitely not an inker (I am just not that good at inking). So this year I won't do a full on inked and colored comic to present, but I will present between 4 to 6 pages of storytelling. For this I'm going to use (from left to right) QuickStryke, a super hero teen with super speed and the ability to multiply, in short he has a unique way to bend time and space. Next is a big brute Britt, Named Jeeves. Jeeves is the right hand man to QuickStyrke's arch enemy. He is the opposite to QuickStyrke in every way, he's big, he's just one, and he's slow, in more ways than one. Next up is the QuickBot, don't let the name fool you, this is no friend to our hero QuickStryke, this is one of many identical robots made by QuickStyrke's arch enemy. The QuickBots posses the two key attributes to fight a hero that is super fast and can multiply, they too are fast and in nearly endless supply. Last but not least is QuickStryke's arch enemy, a mad scientist (not yet named). This came to be the best natural arch enemy for QuickStryke because I believe the best person to challenge QuickStryke is someone that is smart enough to know how to fight a hero that can get anywhere any time, at multiple places at a time. Thanks for tuning in, catch you on the flip side.

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