Monday, March 7, 2011

Page One Done, Page 2 on the way.

I decided it was a good time to take a break from page 2 (in progress) and scan page one. Here it is, I feel that these pages will truly be my strongest yet. I would like to thank 2 people for pointing things out that helped me make page one better. First my gf Melissa Genoshe helped me make the 4th panel better by advising I not do what I was originally going to. The to and from effect aided by the vanishing points in similar panel areas was my idea, but she totally helped. Second, my buddy Alfredo Contreras pointed out that in panel 6, where I was just going to have a lineup of QuickBots did not establish that QuickStryke was stopping right in front of them. This is important since the next page is gonna start the QuickStryke vs QuickBots battle. I drew 2 thumbnails, we agreed which one worked more and how that particular one could be improved. So note all artists: Don't be antisocial, it helps to have extra eyes, an models to. Thanks for tuning in, and catch you on the flip side.

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