Friday, May 21, 2010

Top Cow Mooturns!!!

Well here it is, my long time wanted to draw sketch of Top Cows speed demond, Velocity. In my drawing i have her tryin on a pair of new shoes. She is getting her own story drawn soon (well coming out, its already been in the works for a bit) at Top Cow by the talented Kenneth Rocafort. I did my enitial sketch using a 4h pencil (thats right, the kind that needs a sharpner), and cleand it up with some microns (5 and 1, no quil or brush this is not fancy paper). Once I had the clean line art i nocked out some pencil with an erassor and toned both figure and bust with a set of prisma color cool grey markers. Once the image was toned I use prismacolor color pencils to color in velocity. Ill be sure next time to double check her costume as instead of a lightning bolt I did an arrow, woops!!! Thanks for tuning in, see you on the flip side.

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